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              An assistant professor of sociology at St. Olaf College, David Schalliol's interests span urban sociology, social stratification, criminology, visual sociology, and the sociology of education. He is currently focusing on the processes that facilitate social organization and disorganization in urban context. The short documentary film embedded below provides a brief introduction to his Chicago-based, mixed-methodology research project. Visit his research and teaching sections for more information about these projects.

              David has been involved in a variety of professional research activities, including leadership and post-secondary transition studies at the Consortium on Chicago School Research as well as investigations of the organizational context of knowledge production at NORC's Data Research and Development Center. He earned his PhD and master's degrees in sociology from The University of Chicago.

              Prior to enrollment in The University of Chicago, David was Research Director of the Ohio Public Expenditure Council and previously worked for public and private research institutions. He earned his bachelor's degree in Social and Political Economy, with a concentration in Public Policy, from Kenyon College in 1999.

              For an broader range of his sociologically directed visual work, visit the photography section of this website, as well as features he authored for The Society Pages and Places. In 2014, Japanese publisher Utakatado released Isolated Building Studies, a book detailing David's eponymous series. Selected features on his work and collaborations can be seen on Citylab, Chicago Public Radio, Salon, the Chicago Tribune, Dwell, and The New York Times. Updates about his documentary film are available at TheAreaFilm.com.

              View his curriculum vitae [PDF]

              Read more about David's research agenda.

              Read more about David's teaching experience and interests.

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